TRILLION proposes an innovative socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration between citizens and law-enforcement agencies.
To achieve this, TRILLION provides multiple channels for incident discovery, prediction, reporting and interaction. Citizens will have the choice of using existing social networks or directly reporting incidents via native mobile applications.
Through such reporting via the TRILLION platform, law-enforcement agencies will be able to detect incidents more efficiently, with information collected used to detect and respond to unfolding security situations in real time. To do this, the platform will employ a wide range of geo-location technologies, including those that enhance incident reporting in confined spaces, such as shopping malls, cinema complexes, event areas and stadiums. In order to ensure that the information collected is complete, whilst still respecting privacy and other national and EU regulations, TRILLION will conduct advanced data mining and use classification techniques to highlight the relevance of information to law-enforcement agencies, whilst a comprehensive security framework will ensure the privacy and integrity of user data.
To increase awareness and foster uptake of the platform, TRILLION will use two Serious Game applications. One will focus on facilitating the training of law-enforcement agencies in its use. The other will seek to increase awareness amongst citizens of how they can contribute to improved urban security through the platform.
Throughout its development, a select group of end users from across different member states will ensure that the platform is designed according to a pan-European perspective.
TRILLION follows a multi-disciplinary approach. This approach will see social scientists, technology experts and law-enforcement agencies across Europe collaborating on the creation of this technology. Together, they will consider the key ethical, legal and security issues affecting the development of the platform. With extensive input from potential end users, they will jointly develop the socio-technical infrastructure required to enhance cooperation between citizens and law enforcement agencies – for the benefit of all.
TRILLION will build on its developers' prior experience working with citizens and public authorities, and on the expertise of its law-enforcement partners. A range of piloting and early validation phases will be held across different locations and different contexts.

Throughout the lifetime of the project, the developers of TRILLION will produce regular reports and media releases, available on the Publications and Media section of the website.





TRILLION for Citizens

Using the TRILLION platform, citizens will be able to report crimes, suspicious behaviour and incidents, identify hazards and assist law-enforcement agents through active participation for achieving better urban security management. In this way, they will be able to more actively participate in improving their own security and sense of well-being, through access to an instinctive and secure channel for reporting concerns, security incidents and through a reliable source of access to real-time information as events unfold.


Law-enforcement agencies, for their part, will be able to detect incidents in a more efficient, content and context aware manner. They will be able to locate onsite citizens, other law-enforcement representatives and first responders, communicate with them, request information and assign them specific actions to address on-going incidents. The information gathered in this way will allow law-enforcement authorities to better detect and respond to real-time situations that are or may become critical in the short or medium term.TRILLION SERVICES



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    TRILLION is pleased to recruit new affiliates and end-users who share the same concerns and have relevant goals, in order to exchange knowledge, practices, experience and results.

    If you are interested in learning more about TRILLION, or if you are interested in the domains we are covering with our research (i.e community policing, smart cities, improved cooperation between LEAs and citizens, etc.), then keep in touch with the project’s progress, by following us on Twitter and on FB.

    If you have been invited to have an active role in the project's activities by participating in TRILLION validation and testing, then "Sign up"[function disabled at the moment] and make sure you specify the testing site where the validation and testing will take place. This functionality is "on" when testing phases are organised.

    If you have been invited or want to become an Affiliate Member, it is because we think your contribution will be significant to the project's vision and results. Ask the TRILLION consortium for the "Expression of Interest" form and check out the Benefits we have identified for you.